This year was quite interesting for a number of species within the family of the Browns. Although at first sight, these butterflies seem to be a bit dull, when looking closer to the variety of brown patterns on their wings, this is certainly not the case anymore.

The Hermite roosting on a hot and rocky road in the Oriental Pyrenees.

The Great banded grayling looking for some shelter on the windy slopes in the Caroux Reserve in the Haut Languedoc.
The False grayling flying around some rocks between purple heather, perfectly using the colours of the rocks as camouflage.
The Grayling roosting on a birch, deep in a military camp in the middle of the Vosges in France.
... and the Large wall brown (not at real Grayling) finding shelter on the Roche à Lomme in windy Dourbes.